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Towbar fitting at its best

Towbar Technix is a well established company based in Poole, Dorset. We have 28 years experience in the Towbar Fitting and Trailer Servicing industry and pride ourselves not only on our attention to detail but also our friendly customer service, which I am sure are both extremely important to you.

We have such confidence in the products which we supply and the skill of our mechanics, that we give a lifetime guarantee on all Towbars. That does not mean until you sell the car, that is for the life of the car regardless of who owns it. All electrical works carried out as part of Towbar installations are covered by a 1 year Guarantee.

Fitting a Towbar is not as straight forward as it may appear

When you order a Towbar from Towbar Technix one of our mechanics will take all the relevant details from you to ensure that you are supplied with the right product for the job.

It is important to clarify and understand the Maximum Towing weight of a vehicle, most of the information required to calculate these weights can be found on the chassis plate.

A key piece of information on this plate is the GTW (Gross train weight) which applies when towing a trailer, it is the maximum weight including the Trailer, Trailer load, Vehicle and Passengers.

There are various other codes on the Chassis plate that really mean nothing to most people, but to our skilled mechanics these details really can make all the difference in ensuring we supply the right parts.

Getting it right

As well as the right Towbar it is absolutely critical that we supply the correct electrical components.

Most people would have thought that an electric cable was a pretty straight forward thing, as long as they had the right connectors on each end to suit their vehicle, but trust us, it's not.

There are dedicated wiring kits which go together with each model of car. This is due to the on board computers on a lot of the modern cars. The wiring connects in through not only the obvious indicators and steering, but also will connect to a large number of other various sensors.

Ensuring they are all connected correctly is obviously extremely important not only for your benefit but also the safety of other road users.

With all this in mind come to Towbar Technix for all your Towbar and Trailer servicing needs.

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